Brigadoon State Nature Preserve is 181 acres of mature woods and old fields bordering the backwaters of Barren River Reservoir in Barren County. Named by the former owners for the mythical Scottish village that appears from the mists once every hundred years, the unique character of the preserve does bring to mind the sense of being someplace special.

The majority of the forest is intact which helps keep species diversity high. Life sustaining springs feed the creeks even in the driest summers.  The rich woodlands contain an impressive array of spring wildflowers including several species that are considered rare or uncommon. The preserve also provides habitat for many resident and migratory birds.

The preserve contains approximately one mile of hiking trail open to the public. The trail is of moderate difficulty and runs through ridge tops, mature forest and scenic ravines.  The preserve is open to the public for hiking, birding, nature photography and research from sunrise to sunset. Only foot traffic is allowed. Please be respectful of Brigadoon State Nature Preserve and follow the rules. 

Photography by Bill Dearman

The preserve was originally part of a 1,000-acre land grant given to Joseph Renfro, one of Virginia’s Revolutionary War veterans. Renfro and his descendants settled along what was then known as Skegg’s Creek and derived their livelihood from the heavily forested land. In addition to farming, the family made coffins and furniture as a means of income.

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